thick-ass labies

ladies and genderqueers, my first vector font! well, i sort of cheated. i built it out of tiles.

i initially drew the characters in gallerynes. i restricted myself to just four shapes: a square, a convex curve, a triangle, and a concave curve. then i used fontstruct, which also allows for tile-based type building, to create a truetype version, which i cleaned up with my own software. the result is this thick-ass font that you can use for whatever, if you want to.

7 thoughts on “thick-ass labies”

  1. If I look at the letters individually it’s hard to make sense of them, but when they’re assembled into words it’s somehow easy to read? What sorcery is this?

  2. Cool! This isn’t really original though, google modular fonts and you’ll probably find about 20 copies of this exact typeface.

  3. That capital I is so boss, like it’s giving the middle finger. “I” don’t give a fuck, y’all.

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