anna anthropy vs frank lantz

as part of the tour for my beautiful book, i went to nyu’s game center to talk with frank lantz in front of an audience. frank is an old friend – we see eye to eye on a lot of things. but in many places we walk separate paths: for example, he’s a formalist and i’m a genius. i want to empower people outside of games culture to tell weird, personal stories and he works for zynga. it is this subtle antagonism that flavors frank’s and my talk, which i enjoyed a whole lot and which i’m excited to be able to share with you.

HEY. while we’re at it, let’s have a MEDIA ROUND-UP. here’s an interview in capitol that’s pretty cool albeit having some continuity errors: my slut never “laughs shyly.” here’s a feature in the verge with a lot of good pictures from my HARPY DIEM show (taken by sara bobo, who i yanked the photo of frank and myself from). and here’s a recording of my talk at dorkbot chicago that i’ve posted before. and if you wanna hear me talk dirtier, watch for my forthcoming interview with autostraddle.

THE FUTURE: i’m going to get posters for indiegogo donators sorted soon, release an updated version of DUCK DUCK POISON, announce when the next leg of my tour happens. also, i’ll be speaking at san jose state university next wednesday the 25th at 7pm! if you missed my panel at diesel books last night with sparky, alex kerfoot and mickey alexander mouse, you should come to san jose state and listen to me ramble some more!

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  1. also everything i have to say is dumb but thats secondary to my monsterlike appearance

    like its not about being born ugly or anything its just my terrible attitude

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