glados bound

i find game-ism’s metaphor of portal’s glados as a bound woman struggling to be free necessarily intriguing, even if third-favorite gamer’s quarter editor m. o’connor (who posted the link) rightly accuses the author of “anthropomorphizing the (wo)man in the moon”.

it also reminds me of heroine sheik’s reading of portal as queer, though slut loves to get on my nerves by suggesting it can as easily be read as a game about penis envy. i do think there’s a streak of sadism and sense of entitlement in glados’s interactions with chell that’s almost exciting.

4 thoughts on “glados bound”

  1. If the developers said they originally intended glados to look like ‘Venus hanging upside-down’, that’s all the proof you need that it’s intentional.

  2. now you need to link to my blog, my theories and discoveries are more conclusive than this schmuck’s

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