world tour 2012: new york and chicago

i’m going on tour tomorrow! we still haven’t packed. my pr executive / pet girlslut and i are heading to new york city, then on to chicago, and then back home to the bay for some local events. below is a list of all my planned appearances, with relevant links where i have them. i’ll try and update this post with new links as i get them.

if you’re gonna be in new york on the 31st try and come out to HARPY DIEM, a babycastles event that i’m curating in brooklyn. i’ll be debuting my new four player game about predicting opponents’ secret choices, which i made with illustrator egypt urnash. we’re going to run it on a projector screen with buttons embedded in bras.

new york:

march 28: bluestockings
reading & questions

march 29: nyu game center
a conversation with frank lantz

march 30: parsons school of design
kicking off the new york branch of molyjam

march 31: HARPY DIEM
rad game party with babycastles

april 1 – 3: take me out for a drink or something!


april 4: art institute of chicago
guiding an art game studies course

april 5: dorkbot chicago
reading and questions

april 6: tribeca flashpoint media arts academy
leading a workshop, then a reading

back in the bay:

april 18: diesel books, oakland
a panel on radical game design with some of my friends

it was of course all your generous contributions which allowed me to go on tour in the first place, and will hopefully pay for the next phase of my tour in canada and boston. and let me add that there are still twelve days left in my fundraiser if you still wanna give! i’d love to be able to afford a uk tour, but if not i’ll find other places to visit.

9 thoughts on “world tour 2012: new york and chicago”

  1. Sadly, I am imagining this is a flying trip or I would tell you to stop in Cleveland on the way to Chicago, but alas, it is not to be. Wave to the Mistake on the Lake as you pass, should you so desire.

  2. Nice! I will tell my sis to go to your talk in NYC.

    If you ever have a reason to come out to scotland, I will listen to you read some.

    ALsO! Just finished the book today, I thought it was great. I will write a better review soon, when my brain starts working again, and post it everywhere. The short outcome is that my urge to clone Wario Ware: DIY for iphone is growing.

  3. nice fun bags on that guy on the flyer — we’re not too far from people actually having those in ‘real life’.

    artists, all, reality our canvas!

  4. DAPHNY, some of those soaps are strong enough to strip the disbelief off an atheist/the transsexualism off a transsexual/the heterosexuality off a heterosexual/the carbon off a human being/the deadly seriousness off of marxist jihadists


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