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  1. in that the player orchestrates a revolution where a group of oppressed exchange one oppressor for another, to be used to that oppressor’s own ends. animal farm isn’t the only such story, and that isn’t all that’s going on in pazzon, but it was a connection i wanted to make.

  2. Is there a way to avoid being killed by the last president/umbrella? Would the umbrella just sit and wait until you killed it?

  3. you know, it’s entirely fine with me if there isn’t. i absolutely can buy that the flames of this revolution have been stoked into far too wild a blaze for even the one who lit them to put them out. the mechanics are elegent in that they serve this interpretation.

  4. I quite enjoyed this one too, I think I’m quite a fan of Jesse. It’s not as memorableas some of his other games, but it’s well worth at least one play.

    I uh, think I missed something at the end though, judging from what I’m reading here. I didn’t die or anything! I don’t think I did, anyway.

    It also game me a System’s Twilight vibe. For some reason.

  5. I think this game would have been better if it was aimed either at being an artgame or a more traditional game. As it is, the actual interactive elements are boring from a gameplay perspective and not really necessary from a story perspective. Cool ending though.

  6. ENJOYED.I think the umbrella thing wanted to prevent his death by using the dogma.And that’s why you don’t die.Its a fake story to enslave people.

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