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shoot game legacy

it was klik of the month today, and after playing risk legacy – a version of risk where players place stickers on the board during the course of play, permanently changing the game – i wanted to make a game that tracked the layout of the game world from one play to the next. and to do it in two hours (full disclaimer: it took me an extra half-hour to finish) i had to do something pretty simple and not super interesting.

it’s a two-player shoot game. (windows only, cause i used game maker.) shoot the other player to win.

but there are also obstacles – yellow walls and moving purple things. you can shoot yellow walls to turn them into purple things, and you can shoot while a bullet is already in the air to turn it into a wall. the layout of the walls, purple things, and purple thing mush at the end of the game is saved to disk. the next time the game is played, that layout is read back into the game – but all the purple things become walls and the purple thing mush becomes new purple things, or something. i don’t actually remember the details, but the game environment somehow cycles between games.

oh, and the game doesn’t quit on its own, because i was in a hurry. when a player gets shot the screen turns the color of the winning player. then you can hit escape to quit. and run it again to see the end conditions of the last game become the starting conditions of the next.

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  1. Jake wrote:

    you should do this concept in a larger context. Then throw it on kickstarter. I’d fund it, unless it was iOS only.

    12/17/2011 at 10:43 pm | permalink

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