encyclopedia fuckme and the case of the vanishing entree

a lesbian dating sim.

hot on the heels of my interactive fiction post, here’s an EXPLICITLY PORNOGRAPHIC text adventure. i make games with pretty dirty subtexts, but i’ve wanted to make something explicit for a long time. my slut, who leant a lot to the voice of this story, has been excited for a while about the idea of games about dating and fucking that are written by people who actually understand human desire and interaction instead of lonely nerd harem fantasies. it was her excitement that prompted me to cook up this dirty story.

if you’re from a part of the world that never had encyclopedia brown books, don’t sweat the title. i came up with it when almost the entire game was written.

i was glad to have another opportunity to twiddle with twine, which is all in all probably my favorite game-making tool. there’s almost no scripting in this game whatsoever, which after dealing with stencyl and actionscript is i can’t tell you how much of a vacation.

click here to play my dirty game.

39 thoughts on “encyclopedia fuckme and the case of the vanishing entree”

  1. The only thing clean about this game is the layout. For a while, I was worried this might be straightforward smut but I was pleasantly/disturbingly proven otherwise. Twine’s really only for Interactive Fiction though, yeah?

  2. Well, I think I can now safely admit that I subscribed to your blog like 4 years ago in the hope that you’d eventually write a hot-as-fuck LGBTQ text adventure.

    Your other stuff is great too, but I’ve seriously been waiting for this since I was a teenager.

  3. oh my god this game is so good and it has (vague spoiler) possibly the most perfect twist in existence


  4. OK, so I started and it was so pornographic it was starting to freak me out.

    Fortunately, then Anni showed her real intentions. So I was really freaked out.

    Sadly I got the bad ending. Then I replayed it, and I got the good one. It freaked me out.

    Good job there.

  5. Wow. I… the ‘good’ ending? I just… what? My brain hurts. But bravo nonetheless.

    Makes me sad that the game I’m working on is just a collectable piece board game which sadly has nothing to do with lesbianism or bdsm. You should continue doing such things… so other pervs like us can keep playing them! :D

  6. I tried to leave a comment about this game in the indiegames.com article about it, but they censor the phrase “vagina dentata”. What a load of shit.

  7. It took me forever to find the good ending. It was worth it, though.

    Of course, I’m never going to feel clean again after that.

  8. I can’t find the good ending, can someone give me a nudge?

    Fighting tooth and nail or going passive don’t seem to be the correct approaches…

  9. Whoops, yeah, thanks, I found it.

    Even more amusingly, I wasn’t even going to post what the branch was because I realized how much *sense* it made for that to be the option.

  10. Well! That was big fun.

    I love to know there’re folks out there who -also- do nutty shit in text on the Internet!

    I mean… I guess I would have to know some, but still. Neato. Way neato. And on a major video games blog!

    Well done! I had a lotta fun with this.

  11. Great story, and hot, a postcard from the center of a place I’m just a tourist on the outskirts of.

    Because I’m a nerd, after enjoying it and finding different endings the old old fashioned way (backtracking) I decided to chart it out the old fashioned way.

    On a geekish note I don’t know much about twine but there was one node that acted differently than the others… 1j. Its first option turns it into a clone of 1a, but without changing the state hashtag. (So if you reload the page then, it would go change what you were seeing, unlike all the other states.)

    I was wondering if Twine supports any kind of conditionals, like “if they went to page X *and* page Y is in the history, THEN go to Z, otherwise ZZ”

  12. This is pretty much the kind of game I’ve always wanted to see in this genre (goddammit I need to read this blog much, much more often). Also, god I wish I could write second person that well.

    My only qualm though (spoilers alert!) is that the good ending is a little too hidden. While the decision that takes you to it is unintuitive enough to make it interesting, on my first ten or so playthroughs the choice never even came up: when you are entirely submissive (MMMPH!) or entirely aggressive you just don’t get the choice. Whereas mixing up the two, I daresay, feels a little… inconsistent xD

  13. KIRK:

    twine actually supports lots of booleans and flags and number-trackers and whatnot. what i did with this game, though, was nest some paragraphs in others so you could see an individual scene in several different sequences or on several different branches. maybe i’ll post an image of what the TWINE FLOWCHART for this game looks like (mostly linear up until the final scene clusterfuck).

  14. Good game, well written. Didn’t do me any favours as a “dating” sim, but it’s not like “dating” sims do, either.

    To give an example that did do me favours: Annah in Planescape: Torment.

  15. I read an article on the Escapist of how this was supposedly “progressive”, and how it moved away from explotive, unrealistic portrayal of female sexuality.
    If the choices had reflected anything other than: fight and get murdered; or be an unrealistically sexual, submissive, idiot and get the ‘good’ ending, I might have appreciated your effort more.
    As it is obviously neither progressive nor particularly well written, it doesn’t do anything to remove the “lonely nerd fantasies” that so permeate the dating sim genre.
    Changing from one fantasy to another is not progression, it’s substitution.
    Your saying that a fantasy of harems, or standard dating sim fare, is less ‘healthy’ than a violent dominion fetish, reeks of irony.

  16. I also read the same Escapist article. It was mostly incorrect, but that does not change how awesome this game is.

  17. @Vic: This game is unrealistic because one of the characters has a hidden superpower. Her motivations in the case you describe are unrealistic by virtue of their reliance on a superpower.

    However, given the existence of that superpower, and that she was always aware of her own “condition” throughout the events, an examination of the actions she takes in order to achieve her goals reveals that they are entirely rational.

    Furthermore, the relationship as it was framed before the reveal of murderous intent is just a regular human relationship, written by someone who has first hand experience of a similar (perhaps identical) thing. If it makes it easier, change the BDSM for your standard chick flick rumpy pumpy, change the domme for William Powell.

    If you’re taking the tack that there’s something wrong or unhealthy about a BDSM relationship (remember, it is only a de facto relationship up until the point where the protagonist’s life is in mortal danger), you still don’t get to say that it’s not “realistic.” People do this on planet earth, ergo, it is real.

    I once played a dating sim where a nine year old girl tried to seduce my 18 year old character. That is not something that children do unless they’ve been sexually abused and see it as a mechanism for gaining approval.

    This is an extreme example, but I think it’s fair to say that the type of dating sim described as a “lonely nerd harem fantasy” is often unrealistic in this regard – misunderstanding the way humans work.

    Encyclopedia Fuckme is unrealistic because it supposes a fantastical premiss.

    Harem fantasies are unrealistic because they suppose a fantastical alternative to the way people work and presents it as reality.

  18. woooow, good fucking times! i mean hell, first time through i went down fighting, second time through i got what i can assume was the happy ending and… well lets just say that I’m glad she didn’t use a dildo! That aside this was awesome in one of the more pure senses of the word! honestly I’ve never been on the edge of my seat buzzing with excitement and tension while playing a ‘dating sim’ before but there’s a first time for everything!

    all that i can say now is bravo! bra-mother fucking-vo!

  19. i really really LOVED this.

    i’m not really sure whether it works as a commentary in dating sims, i’m sorry, i don’t really care for its ability to spark controversy.

    all i know is i had good sexy thrilling cyoa fun. the knife really came as a surprise!

    oh and i got the good ending at the first try, until i saw the comments i didn’t realize it was like a ‘hidden’ ending. i guess i was rewarded for being aroused! i mean i WAS planning to eventually defend myself and kick her again, i just wanted to have some fun first.

  20. It’s our problem-free philosophy: vagina dentata.
    This is the funniest thing I’ve played in a long time. I found myself trying to get in-character for BOTH parties, wondering if defiance or submission would be the best tactic against the sexy cannibal. Well-made!

  21. Oh my God, thank you for this… That gave me a wonderful orgasm. I think I got what was the “bad” ending, but for me, it was the good ending… so, so good…

    (I’m a vorarephile, heeeeee!! I played a vore-themed choose-your-own-adventure once, but because I’m me I pretty much let myself get eaten after the first few pages. This let me struggle, but eventually succumb. I like that.)

    I don’t know if you consider yourself “into vore,” but thank you for not shying away from our weird fetish; usually even pornographic stuff, when using vorish themes, will eventually get to a place of “cannibalism is wrong, let’s not do this fantasy” rather than “of course cannibalism is wrong, but in the context of fantasy it’s SO, SO RIGHT” So, it was a pleasant surprise for this game to validate my bizarre fetish fantasies. Oh, and it made me really hot, and gave me an orgasm. So, there was that.

    Oh, and, mistress, write to me if you’d like; I’m a trans woman who’s into fetish art and game stuff and girls and I’d super love to be your friend and professional contact :D

  22. FIRST OF ALL, props to you for feeling comfortable enough to post about having an orgasm on a site where, despite my best efforts, nerds are constantly hovering. it’s really brave and totally hot, and it’s of course really exciting to me to hear that ladies are getting off to my smutty story.

    that out of the way, i’m really into cannibal imagery and the objectification of people as meat or prey. i’m not into the gore so much as the threat of violence. but yes, this game is based on a fantasy that’s very personal and hot for me. it’s sincere and i’m glad it resonated with you.

  23. I’ve been developing a Visual Novel for a while. In fact my Philosophy thesis was the background story and the philosophical foundation of the game. So, I’ve been collecting ideas and it’s interesting to see how you applied some of them to your game. So I’m feeling like I’m not that crazy after all : P

    Also, let me share this:
    I actually missed the option to totally surrender from the beginning…

    I thought “okay, she has the power… let she has whatever she wants… maybe she’ll eat me… but that’s right. No matter if she actually eats me or not… I’ll pretend she will and… let her.”

    And I was eaten at the end all the same.

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