it has heart, this game. fred wood’s love. it’s a tiny platformer with a strong sense of verve that can be attributed to james bennett‘s chill musical contributions and the game’s visual design: each stage features a different hue from a palette of secondary and muted colors that reminds me of the commodore 64, and these monocolor graphics are combined with a gifted eye for making textures and details pop just from transposing color and black.

the level design is clever, taking us through the conceptual landscape of the 2d platformer, and reflects a sense of humor that borders, but isn’t quite, sadism. it’s a good game, and it costs a dollar. i paid a dollar for it; won’t you?

2 thoughts on “love”

  1. I paid $1.50!

    To make up for the paypal fees.

    BETTER BE WORTH IT, but I quite enjoyed the demo, though I hope it’s more skill based than memory based. I only recall one cheap death in the demo (which seemed more like a gag), so here’s hoping.

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