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  1. Very subtle indeed. When the game presented me with the choices pictured above, I kept shooting the woman, thinking: “well there are two gay guys here and a conservatively dressed woman possibly considering whether to join a convent, so I guess she’s the bad one.” As it turns out, the cop was still the bad one, and what I thought was a shirtless dude in a black collar turned out to be a man in a beige overcoat.

    Btw, are you planning on using stencyl again? I’ve read your comments on it but not sure if you’ve come up with a ‘final verdict.’ Thinking about trying it myself (myself = total noob).

  2. Why is the police man always the correct target? I interpret that every pop-up caricature represents a criminal (otherwise the instruction would simply say “shoot the criminal” instead of qualifying), and that we’re aiming for the one who is dangerous because he/she can conceal means and ends using established authority. Couldn’t anyone but the cartoony thugs and mobsters qualify for that? The pink-wearing lady or the frowny man could be a criminal who is also a politician or a banker.

  3. guys my game is too subtle for all these nuances you’re describing.

    it looks like i’m going to keep using stencyl because it’s a pretty quick way to throw together stupid little flash games but BOY is it stupid about some things. for example, any actor that moves off the edge of the screen is zapped out of existence. so when the targets are moving onto the screen from the side, they have to keep track of a SECOND, FAKE X POSITION because if they were to actually move there they’d go POOF.

    that’s one of the ways in which game maker is a lot more useful than stencyl: you can create and hide objects off the edge of the screen and they can hang out there as long as they want without the game forgeting about htem.

  4. I think my comment got eaten by the spam filter so I’ll elaborate a tiny bit :)
    Thank you for this game. It’s wonderful and it made me feel so much better on this shitty day, what with all the executions and the awfuls. I’m glad it’s out there and I’m glad you made it.

  5. Anna, I think if you set your actors to “always simulate” they’re allowed to go off screen. I think it’s a block under actor properties that you just have to stick at the top of any behaviour the actor has.

  6. Oh, also, you would have to make the scene bigger than what you show on camera. So that way the actor can be hidden from the player but still in the scene.

  7. well, i actually did that with this game. the scene is three times the size of the camera, which is in the middle. i thought that would work, but i missed the part about “always simulate.”

  8. If the subtle political statement is “fuck da po-lice” I would prefer a game where we strive to, you know, FUCK the police. I feel that would be still MORE subtle (it would take close scrutiny to detect anything out-of-the-ordinary in such a presentation). Another opportunity for another day.

  9. Anna, there’s also a block called something like “set screen bounds” that let’s you stretch the no-man’s-land out to a specified distance beyond the screen. I really doubt Stencyl is as stupid as you think if you thought an issue as big as that would be left unaddressed.

    And you can change the annoying 2-second Stencyl splash screen to a little logo in the corner of the loading screen, which I’d recommend since your Stencyl games so far take virtually no time to load (unless you prefer the splash screen).

    And since I’ve never posted here before, I’ll take this opportunity to say that you kick ass.

  10. It’s something that always bothered me in Double Dragon, Final Fight, Bare Knuckle: Isn’t it literal class warfare? Am I not simply a middle-class vigilante cleaning the disgusting, ugly poor folk from the streets… with my fists?

    (Ok not always. Since I was grownupish.)

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