space marine visits the pet shop

oh geez.

today was klik of the month number 50, and we made fifty games! we made 67, in fact, as of this count. like thirty of them were made by a single person though.

i felt as though my exposure to stencyl was incomplete: it seemed as though stencyl could be an easy way to set up complicated and silly physics. i had to make a game with physics, so i decided to return to an earlier theme of a space marine knocking shit off of store shelves.

in this sequel, space marine visits the pet shop, our grizzled hero seeks the comfort of a kitten companion. but only one particular kitten will do, and this animal shelter is packed with both pets and spikes! better be careful around these delicate creatures, marine! ALTERNATE “PETCO SUPERVISOR” PLAY MODE: try and shove all the animals onto the spikes as quickly as possible to make room for new inventory!

stencyl has a lot of option for collision boxes, for physical properties of actors and collision groups, but trying to manage collision in stencyl’s snap-block scripting is really hard. stencyl makes it easy to do some very complicated things, but also makes it very hard to do a lot of simple things. i finished this game in three hours, which is longer than most klik of the month games, but that’s not altogether too shabby considering i was learning the thing at the same time.

games i especially liked from this landmark klik of the month: a game about the experience of having someone watch you play a game and a spider-queens fan adventure that includes all the fetishes i missed in the original.

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  1. My original plan was to make a clean 50 games, all during August. This kind of fell through as I noticed that I couldn’t resist taking a little extra time to give most of the games ‘proper’ title screens and borrowed music, to make them presentable outside of the KOTM context. It seems these monthly jams are my only compelling motivation for game-making lately, so I might as well give my contributions a little extra superficial polish.

  2. Also, another reason was that I became less and less comfortable with just making quick remixes of previous games (like TrichromaZer and Throwsmasher) and wanted to make most of my games have a unique ‘feel’ to them, so it didn’t seem like I was pulling cheap tricks to reach an arbitrary quantity.

  3. That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever played. Actually probably not, but it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever played all the way through and not quit really early on.

    Good job, keep up the good work.

  4. The best I did was making it to my favorite kitten while killing two other beasts. Try as I might, the frictionless surface of the Spike Fields Pet Shelter is non conductive to not shoving adorable animals into spikes.

    I think my favorite thing is that the goal kitten looks exactly like my wife’s cat.

  5. So far I really like Hand’s Up and Wee. Hand’s Up is “this year’s” Kill God in the sense of it finding a sweet spot between its background music and its aesthetic. It’s also really addictive, and I like the play mechanic even though it isn’t completely original.

    Who is L? Wait, I already found that out. I mean, did he really do all those games for ktom? Is he rl pals with you and daphny? I’m downloading some of the games from his website (, for those of you who don’t know). I really like his writing about games, even though it’s usually only a sentence or three.

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