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category archives: pixels

queer character classes

here are some avatars i was commissioned to create for the gaymerconnect forums. a friend of mine suggested that the existing avatars that users had to choose from all skewed male – androgynous male, yeah, but as a trans woman she wasn’t comfortable wearing that as an avatar. so, i tried to fill in the […]

between the lines

pixel sundays! i wanted to draw with thick, mazelike lines, so i made a new tileset for gallerynes. i feel like it still needs a few things, then i’ll make it publicly available. also, while i’m showing off pictures, my friends and i had a street-chalking party yesterday. [ cialis | generic viagra lowest prices […]

encyclopedia frown

out of nowhere, it’s pixel sundays! we have a new kitty. not to take the place of little meowzbow – we were planning to get a third cat when we got back from my book tour who could be a good playmate for strider, our manic jock cat. the sneaky little creature we rescued is […]

no one gets me wet like you do

another valentine’s day, another eroticized inquisition scene. this one’s related to what i drew two years ago, but with a different element. let me tell you all about how much i love this slut of mine, my rainbow streak of a life partner. usually i’m the one who’s used to being the strong one, the […]

everyone, part 5

everyone else! well, not everyone: there’s two hundred faces on my poster, but these are the last based on my friends’ beautiful mugs. pictured here: dongle, past and present collaborator, sid, jetta, myself and my ridiculous lifemate. are you ready for ACTION SHOTTZ?? here’s hubol demonstrating how ecstatic this poster makes you, kirk demonstrating how […]

everyone, part 4

nine more faces from my poster. this batch includes four of the game creators who have inspired me: my one-time neighbor sparky, amon26, christine love and hulk handsome. i have been pretty lucky to be able to meet all of these people whose work has informed my own. 2012 is gonna be a rad year, […]

everyone, part 3

MERRY PIXELS. eleven more faces from my poster, still on sale. in this bunch are spinach, director of you meet the nicest people making videogames, and ronk, with whom i collaborated on the music video for WHOA, and an elder oak and a hand. i met both of these dudes because of the, and both […]

everyone, part 2

more faces from my new poster! among these are treasured friends jack perkins and pedal magic, creative dudes who sometimes let us use their gigantic loft for parties. if you’ve beaten the original lesbian spider-queens of mars (not the recent sequel), you’ve probably overlooked the fact that they were credited for their invaluable creative contributions […]

everyone, part 1

it’s pixel sundays, and i’m going to start posting characters from my new print, EVERYONE. above you can see just nine of the 204 characters that make up the print. one of these faces – can you guess who? – is my friend miguel, a level-headed character who straddles the worlds of child and adult. […]

print for sale: everyone!

so you’ll recall that the designer who put together the cover of my forthcoming book, rise of the videogame zinesters, felt that the best way to visually evoke the book’s message that game creation is for everyone was by covering the cover with lots and lots of pixel faces. you may also recall when i […]