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the joy of cybersex

annarchive has been around for almost two years now. it was begun as a way for me to ensure that a bunch of game-related scans stuck around after the site i found them on went down, but more and more it’s become a place for my own efforts to scan and preserve important game- and […]

stated goals

my friend andi has been getting people to identify and tally the sources of player motivation in their games, to get a picture of how much overlap people’s games have with the mainstream (kill aliens / kill enemy army / kill criminals) and also to just observe what trends emerge. i’ve made a lot of […]

arse talk

so the theme of arse electronika, an annual conference about sex and technology, was “games” this year. they gave me a lifetime achievement award. it was a plastic model of a black knight on a horse. the thing took place at the kink dot com armory, which is gross. i wore a sparkly skirt i found […]

cooperative gaming co-op

my comrades john and james have put together a free arcade in downtown san jose that opens tomorrow. they asked me to put together a selection of games for them – to curate an arcade cabinet centered around the idea of game zinesters. there are the games i selected, which will be available to play […]

sup holmes

today i did a live interview with jonathan holmes of destructoid, and the resulting hour and a half of footage has been posted. we talk about creating queer safe spaces, cis male privilege, hideous kojima, and eventually videogames. also, autostraddle finally posted their interview with me. they cut a lot of fun stuff, so (with […]


last night my friends and i finished – in the sense of “played every level of” – dyad, a game being released on tuesday for the playstation 3. it’s a beautiful game that uses sound in a way that is designed to be physically affecting – when we finished my slut and i were both […]

anna anthropy vs frank lantz

as part of the tour for my beautiful book, i went to nyu’s game center to talk with frank lantz in front of an audience. frank is an old friend – we see eye to eye on a lot of things. but in many places we walk separate paths: for example, he’s a formalist and i’m a […]

indie game: the movie

so, full disclosure: this movie is in large part about a game called super meat boy, which i contributed art and one of my own characters to. i’m friends with the dudes who made it, and who star in the movie. and i got to see the movie for free as part of the 2012 […]

how not to write about a transgendered person

on february 15, kotaku ran a “feature” on dani bunten. i’m not linking it – you can find it pretty easily if you want – because it’s disrespectful in a way that, as a transgendered woman, makes me cringe. the article, written by luke plunkett, perpetuates a misinformed attitude about trans people that is downright […]

48 pixeles

this is the sort of thing that, had google not recently burned to the ground its most successful social network and one of my favorite ways to experience the internet with my friends, i probably would have shared on google reader. but i’m not bitter. 48 pixeles is a blog my interest in which probably […]