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dream askew

on wednesday, february 19th, six queer women gathered in brooklyn to put the shitty broken world back together. we played avery mcdaldno’s dream askew, an edit of d. vincent baker’s apocalypse world, a story game i’ve played and enjoyed a bunch of times. baker’s game is 300 pages long. dream askew is sixteen. mostly, it […]


chikkingun: postmodern war fair is a game by meghan pardee and amon26 where you use a gun that fires chickens to fight knife-wielding rené magrittes, spider-legged duchamp toilets and decomancers. it reminds me more than anything of giddy shareware like the last eichhof, games that exist unabashedly to just be a canvas for their creators’ imaginations. if […]


one of the things that fascinates me about folks’ fetishes, or at least the fantasies that represent their purest platonic expression, is the specificity of them. my legs need to be in this exact position; the device restraining me has to be shaped exactly so, otherwise there’ll be no space for the ghost hands to […]

consensual torture simulator

DISCLAIMER: this is a game by my girlfriend. she is selling it for two (or more) dollars. in this post, i try to convince you to give my girlfriend money. games, particularly digital games, depict violence frequently, casually. you’ll mow down the population of an entire town over the course of a game. so much […]

gone home

SPOILERS for gone home below! the game’s a few hours long, so maybe this is post-game reading material. gone home is a coming out story. exclusively. i guess there are some hints of other plots lying around the mansion: your dad’s a hack writer, your mom’s into some dude. but the central story of the […]

crypt worlds: your darkest desires come true

robert recently wrote that “ludonarrative dissonance” – places where a game’s rules are in conflict with its context, to put it into anna-speak – doesn’t actually exist, because players don’t experience it as dissonance. it’s more like internalizing conventions of theater, or learning the unique vocabulary of an artificial world. now, robert makes this argument at […]

zzt: an excerpt

ZZT – as in, the book that i am writing about the game, and the game-making tool, and the communities surrounding it, and the messy teen angst it acted as a canvas for – is available for pre-order now! the book itself won’t be out until next winter. meanwhile, the manuscript is an archaeology project, […]

dragon warrior text adventure

nintendo power magazine was put together by nintendo of america as a marketing tool to sell games for their nintendo entertainment system and to get kids attached to the nintendo brand. in 1990, they had the task of getting their young audience interested in a game called dragon warrior that was heavily inspired by the […]


vesper.5 is a game by michael brough where the player is allowed one move a day. i finished it yesterday, after playing for the better part of a year. the choices that you have to make are simple: move a monk either up, down, left or right on an ongoing pilgrimage. but the investment of […]


In CounterStrike the only way to deal with terrorists is to kill them, because their ideology is inherently evil and wrong, right? Bioshock and Call of Duty: The Line tried in vain to tell us violence and obedience are a choice while only allowing the player to kill to reach the end….In Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video, Tropes Vs Women: Damsels in […]