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there comes a time in every young girl’s life when she must become a woman who has retired a blog. okay whatever, i don’t use this blog anymore. there will be no more updates here, got it? the best place to keep up with what i’m doing is my patreon. all of the recent posts […]

sorry not sorry games

my new site,, is now online! i’ve been wanting a place and identity for my non-digital games, and that’s what this is. my digital games work, it’s becoming clear, is still grappling with the legacy of “empathy games” and it’s nice to have something apart from that. (digital games work will continue to get […]

so, my blog seems to be working again

thank you all for bearing with me through this trying time. [ cialis samples | pizer india viagra side effects | cream female viagra | generic viagra made in india | how to make your own viagra | viagra and alcohol | viagra cialis levitra | cialis tablets foreign | when was viagra discovered | […]

queers in love at the end of the year

what a year. i did a lot of stuff this year. what did i do? i made the hardest decision of my life. i’ve begun learning to love myself. it’s hard. uncontrollable tears have become an unscheduled part of my daily routine. but i’m allowing myself to process feelings i never before had the space to. […]

annarchive 2.0

thanks to a generous donation of space and bandwidth from andrew evans, annarchive has gotten an upgrade! it can now be found at annarchive dot com IN ITS ENTIRETY. there’s also a twitter account that where you can follow updates to the collection. if you want to submit to the archive or cease and desist it […]


a lot of games and the media surrounding them have been lost  forever. some of that ephemera has been thankfully captured, scanned, put online by armchair archivists. fan magazines, instruction manuals, art books, comics and trading cards and calendars, hint books, gamebooks. i’ve managed to accumulate whatever i could. recently – i’m avoiding details – […]

patches for queer pirates, zines for gay planets

i updated my online store with some things i’m pretty proud of, and i WANTED YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THEM. item number one is a sew-on patch of an image i drew for merritt’s game, queer pirate plane, which she made for us to play at our new year’s party because she couldn’t be there. […]

the queer in review

what a fucking year. i’ve been busy. what all happened in 2012? i released dys4ia, a game about hormone replacement therapy. it’s gotten the most acclaim of anything i’ve ever made. i was paid less for it than any other game i’ve ever sold to a sponsor. that was the first sign that the flash market was […]

stickers, magnets and zines now available

i took an economics class in college, once, before i dropped out. i remember our teacher, a wiry capitalist, explaining that price is a measure of how much someone wants something. say a bunch of people are competiting to rent an apartment. the one who is willing to pay $500 more than the others is […]

auntie pixelante donation drive

i’m finishing up a new flash game for all of you! until it’s done, though, i don’t have any money coming in. to help keep food in my kitchen, i am offering an incentive to those of you who don’t like to donate without getting something for it. what you get: donate at least five […]