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category archives: smut

spider bait

PERVY SHIT, excuses to use my smut tag. SPIDER BAIT is a transcript of a back-and-forth email role-play between me and my luna that we wrote / played between the last time she visited me in february (around my birthday) and may (her birthday). i play two spider-queens and she plays a very unlucky girl. it’s […]

aegis wing & survival

luna announced that she was planning a dating sim jam this weekend. SMART GIRL THAT SHE IS, she never defined what “dating sim” means, leaving it deliberately ambiguous. what she made was a game about her first date ever. i played it and decided i wanted to make a game about my first date with […]


GODDAMMIT is another porny story. it’s about restlessness and frustration and boredom and is also pretty much straight-up about my submissive slut and muse and can probably be read as a love letter to her. we are both sick with the flu right now, which is terribly unsexy and inconvenient, but definitely boring and frustrating and […]

perks of the job

i could give a fuck about the fallout games – they have more character than most games of the same style, and the post-apocalypse has its appeal. but when madamluna made me aware of the cherchez la femme “character perk” in fallout: new vegas i was EXCITED. plenty of this kind of tabletop-role-playing-inspired videogame have […]

sex cops of tickle city

another dirty text game. my earlier SEXT ADVENTURE, encyclopedia fuckme, revolves around a couple of surprise twists – this one, maybe you’ll be relieved to know, doesn’t. it’s straight smut. well, maybe not exactly straight. with fuckme i didn’t know the ending until i was halfway through writing the game; this time, the middle, third scene was […]

an obvious cry for attention

after getting so jazzed on making games by the igf pirate kart – to which i contributed, among other things, my recent pornographic dating sim – radix decided to throw a game-making pirate kart afterparty. i was in the mood to write some more smut, no thanks to my experience playing metroid: other m last […]

encyclopedia fuckme and the case of the vanishing entree

a lesbian dating sim. hot on the heels of my interactive fiction post, here’s an EXPLICITLY PORNOGRAPHIC text adventure. i make games with pretty dirty subtexts, but i’ve wanted to make something explicit for a long time. my slut, who leant a lot to the voice of this story, has been excited for a while […]