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category archives: kotm

escape from the lesbian gaze

you’ve heard of the male gaze. but that’s old hat. are you ready for the big new thing in objectification? it’s the lesbian gaze – that’s right, the lesbian gaze! it’s bold! it’s exciting! you’ll wonder why you ever settled for the male gaze in the first place! escape from the lesbian gaze is a […]

glorious trainwrecks dot exe

this steam greenlight bullshit reminded me of something i wrote in rise of the videogame zinesters: I want zinesters to find new, inventive ways to distribute games. Fuck Steam and the App Store! Let’s invent new networks for letting people sell their games online. Let’s bring back CD compilations of games, available at your local […]

put on your make-up in the dark

klik of the month, the two-hour game-making party that glorious trainwrecks throws every month, is somehow five years old! actually, i don’t think it’s that surprising – i think it speaks to a desire for more spaces where people can dabble in messy, judgement-free game creation. some of my favorite games have come out of […]

creature racing!

a week ago i stumbled on this brilliant two-player game┬ámichael brough made for the gdc pirate kart. it’s a simple abstraction of a sports game – moving their pieces on a grid, players try to push a ball into a goal. there’s hidden complexity: pieces can push other pieces, including the opponent’s pieces, and can […]

realistic female first person shooter

months ago we collected over 300 games by 100 people to submit to the igf as the first ever IGF PIRATE KART. it got a lot of attention for games that might never have otherwise gotten it. but unfortunately, it wasn’t chosen to appear at the 2012 gdc as one of the igf finalists. but […]

shoot game legacy

it was klik of the month today, and after playing risk legacy – a version of risk where players place stickers on the board during the course of play, permanently changing the game – i wanted to make a game that tracked the layout of the game world from one play to the next. and […]

police bear

for this klik of the month, it had been suggested that we all use animated gifs from this internet treasure trove. i knew that i wanted to make a game about police violence at the occupy protests, so i searched through their police category until i found the above masterpiece. the rest came out of […]

an obvious cry for attention

after getting so jazzed on making games by the igf pirate kart – to which i contributed, among other things, my recent pornographic dating sim – radix decided to throw a game-making pirate kart afterparty. i was in the mood to write some more smut, no thanks to my experience playing metroid: other m last […]

fountain and gauntlet 4

klik of the month happened today. the first game i made was for inclusion into the igf pirate kart. it’s a physics game. the second game i made fit the theme i suggested for this month’s klik: violating atari’s intellectual property, in honor of the cease & desist pongvaders received this past week. this second […]

lazer bitches

klik of the month snuck up on me this month. (i thought it was next week.) but fortunately i was able to come up with a terrible game idea just in time! i finished reading through hitmen for destiny this past week. there’s a pretty good GAME THEORY stand-off in that comic between two characters […]