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category archives: font

wizard’s manse

wizard’s manse is a typeface designed to accompany magic forest: use magic forest for your main body of text and wizard’s manse for the headings, for example. it’s a small caps typeface with enlarged drop caps. been really into drop caps lately, i guess. this truetype font was commissioned by rob beschizza, who wanted me […]

frog princess

FROG PRINCESS is a new truetype font based on the typeface in frog assassin. the text that appears in that game is made of 4×4 pixel letters with 5×5 pixel numbers. this version adds 5×5 pixel dropped capitals inspired by illuminated calligraphic capitals. it was made in fontstruct! download frog princess here, or have a […]


a new vector font! i designed it for the back of my new business card, but i liked it so much that i decided to make a truetype version. like my last vector font, it was initially assembled in gallerynes and then rebuilt as a vector font in fontstruct. it was an excuse to play with curves […]


dysin4mation is a font i made for my upcoming game, dy5phoria. it’s based on the typeface that appears on the title screen of dys4ia. mostly i just like this type for the As. it was also an opportunity to try out a new tool for making pixel fonts, which behaved exactly how i wanted it […]


a truetype font for all of your sinister incantations and lists of unholy regents. for these digital sigils i tried to misalign lots of things, to break symmetry between a lot of characters, and also to put descenders in some unorthadox places (the M and the O). capital letters have ascenders and descenders, while the […]

thick-ass labies

ladies and genderqueers, my first vector font! well, i sort of cheated. i built it out of tiles. i initially drew the characters in gallerynes. i restricted myself to just four shapes: a square, a convex curve, a triangle, and a concave curve. then i used fontstruct, which also allows for tile-based type building, to […]

magic forest

this truetype font is perfect for your ancient scrolls, weathered signs, and talking trees. it looks best at sizes divisible by six, and when delivering elder wisdom.

bubble butts

this font is inspired by the gameboy version of bubble ghost, with a few changes (in particular, i don’t care for the original Y). this is a layered font: type in lowercase for hollow letters, UPPERCASE for solid letters. type each in a different color and put one on top of the other for a […]

mars needs cunnilingus

i made this font for the message bar in my new game, something in the vein of midway / vid kidz arcade games. but as always you, my dears, are welcome to use it for whatever purposes you like. it’s a small, blocky font with tiny cut-outs.


there’s a shortage of italic pixel fonts – the typeface from link’s awakening is the only one that leaps to mind – so i threw together this truetype font based on the text from all roads lead from home, which has always been one of my favorites despite being a quick experiment. fixed width, capitals […]