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a wish for something better

a wish for something better is a little single-player self-care ritual. you play it with index cards and a pen. it came from therapy, i guess, and the places i invent when i’m depressed and need to imagine somewhere to escape to: a lighthouse on a far-off shore, protected by the crashing waves, or a […]


emotica is out today. i will try and keep this post short, because i was hit by a car yesterday. i was on my way to the pub. i go to the pub every wednesday. i could have taken the bus, but i decided to walk, because  it was nice out, because i would have […]

babycastles presents anna anthropy presents the road to empathy

so this past saturday i put on a show with babycastles, a new york diy arcade group i’ve collaborated with before. i’d like to shout out to everyone at babycastles who helped my show happen. this is gonna be a long list so bear with me. thanks to: sonya, who did installation and painted the footstep […]

be witching

be witching, my tabletop game about witch fashion balls, is available now in print-and-play format. players draw outfits, provide commentary on each other’s outfits (opportunity to channel your favorite obnoxious reality TV judge), and then there’s a pageant-style interview round where the players decide who is most worthy of being crowned witchqueen of the ball. […]

aunt flora’s mansion

aunt flora’s mansion is my second puzzlescript game! my first was a remake of doug beeferman’s 1991 puzzle game, cyberbox. flora’s mansion is a riff off of that game: i made it using all of the pieces from my cyberbox port. there are some neat machines you can build out of cyberbox’s pushers, sliders and […]

anna’s b-day bundle!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! specifically on the 28th. i’m turning from a 31-year-old crone into a 32-year-old crone. in honor of that transition, i’m having a week-long sale of some of my games! LESBIAN SPIDER-QUEENS OF MARS, DYS4IA, TWINE AND PUNISHMENT and STAR WENCH are all three dollars each (normally they’re $5!), or grab […]


when stephen lavelle first implemented realtime games in puzzlescript, i thought it might be neat to implement some basic ZZT stuff in it. (stephen asked me about how timing worked in zzt; i don’t know if he ended up basing any of his puzzlescript features on it.) eventually a simpler idea came through: porting doug […]

i’m thinking of having them taken out

here’s a fucked up new twine story. it’s one of those Personal Games, i guess. contains references to abuse, trauma, self-harm and martyrdom. skip it if you need to.

frog princess

FROG PRINCESS is a new truetype font based on the typeface in frog assassin. the text that appears in that game is made of 4×4 pixel letters with 5×5 pixel numbers. this version adds 5×5 pixel dropped capitals inspired by illuminated calligraphic capitals. it was made in fontstruct! download frog princess here, or have a […]

new zines: anna’s guide to freelancing & more

  hey all! there are three new zines available in my online store in both paper and pdf forms! they are: anna’s guide to freelancing: how to not starve or burn out. a collection of advice from my years of freelancing, on how to advocate for yourself with clients, how much to charge, how to work […]