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dungeon janitor’s apprentice

a while ago i was jamming out a bunch of tabletop games really quickly. one of them was “dungeon janitor’s apprentice.” the name came from a zzt game – it’s one of the ranks you earn in proving grounds, one of the super zzt titles. it’s a really funny phrase because of the dynamic it […]

sorry not sorry games

my new site, sorrynotsorry.biz, is now online! i’ve been wanting a place and identity for my non-digital games, and that’s what this is. my digital games work, it’s becoming clear, is still grappling with the legacy of “empathy games” and it’s nice to have something apart from that. (digital games work will continue to get […]

ohmygod are you alright?

on june 24th, the day after returning from new york – the site of my road to empathy show with babycastles – i was struck by a car while crossing a crosswalk in downtown oakland, breaking my arm. ohmygod are you alright? is a game about the experience and the aftermath. it’s a game about […]

a wish for something better

a wish for something better is a little single-player self-care ritual. you play it with index cards and a pen. it came from therapy, i guess, and the places i invent when i’m depressed and need to imagine somewhere to escape to: a lighthouse on a far-off shore, protected by the crashing waves, or a […]


emotica is out today. i will try and keep this post short, because i was hit by a car yesterday. i was on my way to the pub. i go to the pub every wednesday. i could have taken the bus, but i decided to walk, because ¬†it was nice out, because i would have […]

babycastles presents anna anthropy presents the road to empathy

so this past saturday i put on a show with¬†babycastles, a new york diy arcade group i’ve collaborated with before. i’d like to shout out to everyone at babycastles who helped my show happen. this is gonna be a long list so bear with me. thanks to: sonya, who did installation and painted the footstep […]

be witching

be witching, my tabletop game about witch fashion balls, is available now in print-and-play format. players draw outfits, provide commentary on each other’s outfits (opportunity to channel your favorite obnoxious reality TV judge), and then there’s a pageant-style interview round where the players decide who is most worthy of being crowned witchqueen of the ball. […]

aunt flora’s mansion

aunt flora’s mansion is my second puzzlescript game! my first was a remake of doug beeferman’s 1991 puzzle game, cyberbox. flora’s mansion is a riff off of that game: i made it using all of the pieces from my cyberbox port. there are some neat machines you can build out of cyberbox’s pushers, sliders and […]

anna’s b-day bundle!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! specifically on the 28th. i’m turning from a 31-year-old crone into a 32-year-old crone. in honor of that transition, i’m having a week-long sale of some of my games! LESBIAN SPIDER-QUEENS OF MARS, DYS4IA, TWINE AND PUNISHMENT and STAR WENCH are all three dollars each (normally they’re $5!), or grab […]


when stephen lavelle first implemented realtime games in puzzlescript, i thought it might be neat to implement some basic ZZT stuff in it. (stephen asked me about how timing worked in zzt; i don’t know if he ended up basing any of his puzzlescript features on it.) eventually a simpler idea came through: porting doug […]