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get ‘em hard

i came up with the idea for this game about medusa while on the bus to meet my sweetheart for a party. it’s essentially that really simple reflex game where enemies come from above, below, left and right and you press the button for that direction before they reach you. i decided to borrow a […]

where in the galaxy is kremlin san antonio?

  carmen sandiego is my queer videogames role model. a femme criminal mastermind who – and this was pretty important to a protean trans girl – maintained complete control over her identity and appearance, only appearing how and when she wanted to appear. i can’t remember any woman videogame character from my childhood who was […]

star wench zzt

if you’ve been following developments here at auntiepixelante corp., you’ll know that i’ve written a whole book about the 1991 text-based shareware game-making tool zzt. it’s currently going through editing, a process i like to call “slouching towards bethlehem to be born.” it’ll be born soon. meanwhile, i’ve made a new zzt game! it stars […]

duck duck poison

duck duck poison is a game that would probably work better as a non-digital game. i envisioned it as a four-player version of mind fuck: a game purely about predicting your opponents. i remember the theme – vampires preying on a circle of restrained spies, each of whom has only a cyanide pill to defend […]

star wench: the digital edition

star wench went into print in march (physical copies are available on amazon). it’s my most perfect work of art, i think – it’s a choose your own adventure book about a sci-fi space femme and the hundred ways she can die, so it’s the perfect venn diagram of all my interests: pulp fiction, kink […]

queers in love at the end of the world

queers in love at the end of the world was inspired by the last ludum dare competition, whose theme was “ten seconds.” i didn’t make this game in forty-eight hours, though, i’ve been working on it on and off for over three months. i liked the question: if you only had ten seconds left with […]

forged of steel and wife to fire

i thought up this game while working on a card game about ladies’ tag team wrestling. in this game – for the moment, at least – players have hands of cards numbered 1 to 5, which they play face-down and then reveal simultaneously. depending on whether cards are played facing the opponent – attacking – […]

i summon you

i summon you is a little game about long-distance relationships and witchcraft. it’s a little inspired by the witch character in joe mcdaldno’s monsterhearts. she collects “sympathetic tokens” from people (not always with their knowledge, in that game) that she may use from the sanctity of her magic sanctuary to cast spells on them. it’s […]

boundaries of play: game design and kink

here’s a talk i gave at qgcon today: In game design, there’s a concept that game designers sometimes call “the magic circle.” The idea is that the magic circle is a space created by the rules of a game, and within which the normal rules and imbalances that define social interaction do not apply. A […]

i am on patreon now

so i put my newest twine piece up for sale, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to stop making free games. as i told leigh alexander, part of my trepidation about putting my games behind paywalls is that the people will the least money and means, the people with the least access within games culture, […]