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a whole year

i’ll almost certainly remember 2014 as the year i met my perfect boyfriend, started dating, fell in love, and shacked up. it still amazes me that it’s our anniversary in a couple of months – how has it been a whole year? dense as it was with crises both small and large, it stuns me […]

the mystery of the missing mythics

magic missile was my first experiment in designing play around internet image searches. some time later i had the idea of a twine game that would pull images from image search for use in the story. i liked the element of chance that image searches provide: really specific searches will have really similar results, but most […]

dys4ia (for windows and mac)

  dys4ia, my autobiographical game about my decision to start hormone replacement therapy, has been updated with an important new feature for players: the ability to actively contribute to the material well-being of a real live trans woman, that is to say, me. or to put it another way: after most of two years available […]

new zines in store!

hey y’all! my online zine store now carries four new zines, in pdf and physical forms. i only ship within the us at the moment, but the pdfs can be ~enjoyed by all.~ the new zines are: LETTERS TO AN ABSENT CHILD. in 2009 i moved across the country from my family. LETTERS is about our […]

twine and punishment

d. vincent baker has this game called the sundered land that is actually a collection of different, stand-alone games set in the same world, with suggestions for how to string them together. first, play the game where you’re all caravan guards, telling stories around the campfire. then the caravan’s attacked – play the game where […]

star court

star court is based on a little old mac game called kangaroo court that my friend miguel made me play on his little old mac. “it’s basically an anna anthropy game,” he said. when the first witness turned out to be “a very friendly person with large insect-like eyes and a ray gun,” i realized it […]

lesbian spider-queens of mars (uncensored)

the original, uncensored version of lesbian spider-queens of mars is now on sale for windows and mac! lesbian spider-queens was an opportunity to play around with the mythology of arcade games: because the economy of the arcade demanded swift player turn-around times, a lot of the storytelling in these games happens in the margins. lesbian […]


i’ve been doing a lot of little experiments in non-digital games lately! i’ve been working on a simple, silly story game for two players that i hopefully will be ready to show off soon. but in the meanwhile, here’s a new, little, completely unplaytested game: KILLWHEEL! KILLWHEEL is a spin-the-bottle-like game. players take turns spinning […]

gay cats go to the weird weird woods

  GAY CATS GO TO THE WEIRD WEIRD WOODS is my latest osmo-like game – as in, a charming little adventure where you just wander around and see and hear neat things and don’t have to worry about messing up and losing. it’s kind of a continuation of emotica except that instead of appropriating icons i […]

dos and donuts

dos and donuts is a tiny game i made at my friend cherry’s twine workshop at gaymerx! she gave everyone donuts, so i made a game about donuts.