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gay cats go to the weird weird woods

  GAY CATS GO TO THE WEIRD WEIRD WOODS is my latest osmo-like game – as in, a charming little adventure where you just wander around and see and hear neat things and don’t have to worry about messing up and losing. it’s kind of a continuation of emotica except that instead of appropriating icons i […]

dos and donuts

dos and donuts is a tiny game i made at my friend cherry’s twine workshop at gaymerx! she gave everyone donuts, so i made a game about donuts.

emotica with android characters

i saw the android / google hangouts emoji set for the first time the other day (thanks andrew!) – when i did, i knew i needed to reskin my emoji game emotica with them. emotica was designed around the iphone character set. i think those characters are pretty ugly, but i like the ugliness of […]

magic missile

magic missile is a found image improv game of wizard battles for social media – i’ve been playing it on twitter. you can read the rules at my patreon post about it, or you can look at a transcript of a game. it’s really simple: each round is an image with an explanation of what […]

space / off

space / off is a collaboration between merritt kopas and i. i did the art and animation and the writing, she did the programming and all the tweaking. connor sherlock did the soundtrack. it’s a game for two jilted space lovers sitting in the same room, at the same computer. it costs five bucks. merritt […]


we often talk like the history of indie games begins in the 2000s with japanese and white american men. that couldn’t be farther from the truth. one d.i.y. game-making community, based around a text-mode shareware game-making tool released in 1991, was the creative stomping ground of a bunch of young trans women. which is why […]


a new vector font! i designed it for the back of my new business card, but i liked it so much that i decided to make a truetype version. like my last vector font, it was initially assembled in gallerynes and then rebuilt as a vector font in fontstruct. it was an excuse to play with curves […]


my new book, ZZT, is out on monday – it’s about a text-based game-making tool from 1991. every zzt game ever made was forced to fit itself into the 256 characters of ms-dos’s ascii set. emoji are the contemporary version of that ascii set, as evidenced by emoji art and projects like the emoji x-files. […]

get ‘em hard

i came up with the idea for this game about medusa while on the bus to meet my sweetheart for a party. it’s essentially that really simple reflex game where enemies come from above, below, left and right and you press the button for that direction before they reach you. i decided to borrow a […]

where in the galaxy is kremlin san antonio?

  carmen sandiego is my queer videogames role model. a femme criminal mastermind who – and this was pretty important to a protean trans girl – maintained complete control over her identity and appearance, only appearing how and when she wanted to appear. i can’t remember any woman videogame character from my childhood who was […]